Saturday, March 24, 2012

Baby, baby I got the blues...

I have been feeling a bit of the blues lately.... My kids are groung up so fast! My youngest has always been so lovey and cuddly... But his first year of elementary school has turned him into a strong and independent big dear daughter is fast approaching Teenage Years, and all this is very good but leaves me feeling that wish in my tummy for a sweet little baby to love and coddle....
And artistically, I have been searching and searching for something that will capture my ADD attention span for more than a day....
So I am trying my hand at doll-making... Killing two birds with one stone?
I am so in LOVE with Waldorf style dolls, but since I have never made any doll at all I figured I would start with ragdolls. An added bonus is using up some of my massive pile of fabrics!
I have never tried hand embroidery either... And I am thrilled to see that I am really not at all bad at it!
So far, I have completed 2 dolls... First was Frankie... She has dark brown corduroy hair, green eyes, and a cute batik dress. She came out cute but had a rough time in the birthing canal... She has one lame arm that hangs lower than it should. My dear daughter promptly adopted her!
My next one came out much better, thanks to Momma actually following step by step directions! My son has named her Annalina... A name I have never heard but really love! She has long light Brown braids and beautiful lavender eyes... She is still waiting on her perfect outfit though.
I have four more faces done, and plan on listing these Ragamuffin Babies in my etsy shop very soon!
In the mean time, I am running a Spring Cleaning sale on etsy.... Just type in coupon code SPRINGCLEANING in at checkout to save 33% on any purchase!!!
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  1. Hey there! How are you doing these days, Stephanie? I wanted to let you know that Thirty Days of Giving Thanks has started this November and since you joined us last year I wanted to make sure you knew it was just getting underway. Let me know if you'd like to join us again! Be well and Happy November! xo