Monday, November 21, 2011


I am UNIQUE because...
I prefer to be barefoot all year long.
I have to make a bigger mess... before I can start to clean.
I go through seasons of feeling very social and other times of just being a homebody.
I cry when butterflies emerge from their chrysalis.
I love creepy shows and movies... especially if they involve vampires and/or fairies.
I still truly BELIEVE in MAGIC..... I just call it MIRACLES now....

I am a good friend because...
I listen... and truly HEAR...
I love and pray for my friends...
When I make a commitment to someone, I stand by it.
I am always on time.
I support my friends and encourage them...even when I disagree.
I am loyal.
I tell the truth... even if it hurts sometimes.
When my friends are hurting, I hurt with them.

I am a bad friend because...
I can't go to them, they always have to come to me.
I can't always return the favor.

I am sad because...
I miss my doggy Ziggy.

I am BLESSED because...
I have a fantastic man, who loves me, supports me, and encourages me everyday.
I have good friendships.. that have stood the test of time and the repetitive testing of my own insanity... and will be forever.
I am blessed in countless ways.
I enjoy simple pleasures... 
I love my tiny apartment.
I love the weather right now.
I know there is a DIVINE purpose and plan for my life.. that exceeds my own plans.

I am excited for...
Christmas decorating, cooking, and sharing.
A New Year
Kids tearing through gifts Christmas morning.
Growing in my spirituality.
Getting healthier, physically and emotionally, every day.

I think this is a fun little game... to reflect... Do it on your blog and share the link here. Id love to read yours! Have a Blessed Monday.