Sunday, October 9, 2011

Adventures in Creativity

Welcome to My Piece of Peace!!

I started this blog to share my inspirations, my creative projects, and other randomosity that piques my interest. I will be posting all sorts of things so be sure to check back every now & again!

A little about me:

I am a single mother of 2 wonderful kids, living in the central Florida area. I fancy myself to be an artist, and I love to create all sorts of things. Growing up, I wanted to be a famous painter, but it turned out that I am too scattered in my interests to stick to one ,medium for very long. So now, I mess around with lots of things, but my focus has been on sewing for the past couple of years. Right now, I am working on different ways to recycle/upcycle clothing. I also make handmade "Room Shoes" (an uppity term for good ole slippers), purses and totes, and various home decor items. My work can be found for sale on both facebook and etsy, so be sure to check it out!!!

I am also a professional face-painter. This is a little side business that helps with cash flow every now and again, and is super fun. The kids sure do love it!! You can find me at art shows, community fairs, music festivals, etc.

I also have a little hobby of product reviews for several websites I have found and joined. There is nothing better than a good deal.... and the best deals are FREE!! Over the past year, I have started getting really friendly with the mail man.... I guess I will have to do something nice for him come the holidays, to repay him for delivering all those packages!! So occasionally I will blog about freebies and great deals I have found, and products I have received to review. I will always post on how you can participate in similar programs!


  1. I love that painted face design - very pretty :). Can't wait to see your other creations :).